• Integrated processing facility (only facility performing processing in 6 AEEE groups)
  • Only integrated electronic waste recycling facility operating within the scope of zero waste
  • The first integrated facility having a circular economy strategy
  • Maximum raw material and maximum recovery
  • The first integrated electronic waste facility having a sustainability policy (Sustainability program)
  • Minimum carbon emission and minimum waste
  • Environmental logistics management
  • The first facility that can prepare a global accredited report
  • The first facility having passed through the global and international audits
  • The only facility that has created a collection system with academic projects
  • The first integrated facility to improve the reverse logistics system in electronic waste collection
  • The first integrated facility that collects waste from the end-user through electronic markets and market chains all over Turkey.
  • The first integrated facility which has established the collection system and the container system in the municipalities.

Zero Waste Project


Zero Waste” is an objective that can be defined as a waste prevention approach that includes prevention of waste, more efficient use of resources, reduction of the amount of waste generated, establishment of efficient collection system and recycling of waste. Exitcom, which stands out with its extensive collection systems and the importance it attaches to the environment over the years, contributes to the 0-waste project,
with its recycling rates up to 98% and its constantly renewed technology, by both being a member of “Material Marketplace” platform, which has been created with the purpose of using waste in other sectors and and by increasing its recycling rates higher and higher.