The missions of Exitcom are to protect our limited natural resources, and to provide added value to our economy with the production, it carries out, through its 100% customer satisfaction principle, the R & D department, which continuously develops and renews itself, and its high environmental consciousness.


Exitcom, as one of the leading companies in the recycling and recycling technologies sector, and operating within the framework of international ISO standards and integrated management systems, aims to achieve the goal of living in a healthy and clean environment that is also deserved by the Turkish people, and to become one of the best companies, in its field, in Europe.
As being one of the leading companies in the recycling sector, with the aim of protecting the environment in the RECYCLE OF ELECTRIC AND ELECTRONIC WASTES and in all our related services and activities, to develop and maintain the Environmental Management System, which we have established in the light of ethics values, by being in communication and in cooperation with the official corporates, nongovernmental organizations and our other stakeholders, in accordance with national and international regulations;
In the direction of the basic principles of the Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2004;
To determine, as the main principles of our company, to enable the wastes to be reduced in all our activities, and, for the the economy of the country, them to be recovered by recycling, with the aim of preventing waste, protecting the environment, and preventing the pollution in the use of raw materials and energy, in the selection of the technology and in the use of natural resources;
To check and assess our environmental targets and objectives, which we have determined, periodically;
To enable our Environmental Management System to be developed continuously and, in this direction, to give importance trainings and activities that can promote the protection of environment and human health, and increase of environmental consciousness in our employees; and to prioritize the principle of protecting and maintaining the environment.