Waste collection process is carried out with the 20 01 21 waste code for the fluorescent recycling unit operation and the system is located in a closed area of 80 m2. Fluorescent Lamp recycling operations coming to the facilities are carried out in this unit. Waste Fluorescents are thrown into the crushing machine. In the first stage, mercury gas and phosphorus are drawn in the fluorescents which are crushed in closed system. In the second stage, the phosphorus dust on the glass pieces dropping onto the rotary drum is separated. 4 different products such as glass, copper, aluminum and dusts to be disposed, are obtained and these are sent to the related recycling facilities.
Dusts and hazardous gases that are generated during crushing process are collected by being drawn with the help of HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Filter) filters and carbon filters in our facility and sent to the relevant disposal facility.
The recovery rate is 97%.