An automation system has been launched in the body of our company for recycling of E-wastes, which are generally recycled manually in our country. Thanks to the system and crusher machine and grinder, which are the parts of the system, designed and manufactured by our company, the waste parts can be sorted into smaller sizes and time-saving can be achieved. Through this new recycling system, a mechanization system has been reached in the recycling process, and thus labor has been eliminated and labor costs have been decreased and finally competitiveness power has increased. With the help of the mechanical system where the automation has been provided, such parts as iron, metal, glass, plastic, which are obtained from E-waste can be completely sorted and their smallest structures can be obtained. This situation has been a new condition and a new process that have raised the product quality for our company.
Instead of importing the automation system, which it wishes to establish, through the technology transfer from abroad, our company has established it with the machinery, which we created with the R & D project and with our own unique contribution in our country, and thus it has reduced the costs at a rate of one fifth, has also contributed to economy and industry of our country, and to the protection of the environment.