Based on personal information theft, which is the financial crime, having the fastest increase in the world, institutions are responsible not only for their own information security but also for security of their customers’ personal information. In Turkey, “in terms of information security”, with the the ‘Law on the Protection of Personal Data’, entering into force on by being published at the Official Gazette on the date of 07/04/2016, institutions have become responsible for information security according to the said regulations.
In addition to our eco-friendly recycling solutions, we provide data destruction services to our customers within the framework of information security in order to facilitate the management of electronic waste and reduce the risks that may arise. Thanks to the company of Blancco, the world leader in data deletion, which we are contracting for your information security, we are carrying out your data destruction operations with reliable and precise solutions without taking any risk.
Your all data can be disposed of in safety conditions with our data destruction devices which have been brought from Blancco per product. If you wish, you can also participate in the destruction operations or our technical team can perform the said data destruction operations in your own companies. Video and images related to the crushing of products are reported to you in terms of working transparency and safety.
Blancco’s, which are the most powerful data deletion software, are in the shape of somehow flash drives. These drives are inserted into the product, data of which will be disposed, the secret information in the product is deleted 100% in a way that it is recovered under no circumstances, and thus your product becomes a device as if it was never used, like its first initial state.
The Degauss method is not used in some products (CD / DVD, USB, Memory Cards, etc.) and does physical destruction. Overwriting process, which is one of Blancco’s data deletion solutions, is applied directly on the whole storage capacity containing unnecessary data. Overwriting process is, unlike physical destruction method, a method that allows the equipment to be functional, and enables the equipment, covering secret information, to be re-used. For this reason, Blancco is a more efficient and environmentally friendly solution than other destruction processes.

Our Services

  • Special Destruction
  • Serial Number Control
  • Data Destruction
  • Testing
  • Logistics
  • 100% deletion of data by the help of international accredited data deletion programs
  • Serial Number Control during the device procurement
  • On site drilling processes for HDDs
  • Physical destruction of information-containing devices
  • Storage areas, with private security, for devices containing information
  • Destruction certificates, destruction images and videos after destruction process
  • Concomitance in place of destruction
  • Storage area, with private security, is used for the storage of products to be specially disposed of and devices having secret information.
  • Storage area is monitored by cameras for 24 hours.
  • Storage area is protected by thermal alarm system.
  • It is only used by the authorized personnel.
  • It is an area requiring a special access.
  • It is protected with an electronic locking system, the key of which is with only the authorized personnel
  • The waste acceptance gate of the storage area can only be opened from inside by the authorized personnel.
  • Tape system and crusher system, where separation processes of waste are carried out, are located in the storage area.