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Cable is a valuable waste because of the copper raw material it contains. However, it may present a danger to the environment and human health unless it is properly processed. Combustion method, which is a commonly seen method especially in unlicensed scrap dealers, is an extremely cost-effective and easy method. By combusting them, the waste cable is freed from the worthless plastic parts and pure copper is obtained, but the dioxins that are emitted to the air during the said combustion process are extremely harmful to the environment and human health.
A cable breaking unit should be used for the recovery of copper inside the waste cables. The cable breaking unit is a highly environmentally friendly method. In this unit, after the granulation of the cable, the plastic and copper are enabled to be separated.
The plastic and copper, obtained as a result of breaking process, are sent to the relevant recycling facilities. The dusts that are released during the breaking process are stored by being drawn by the help of dust filter and the thus the recovery rate is 95%.