The First and Only Battery Recycling Facility of Turkey

The first and only battery recycling facility of Turkey has been established in 2015 with contribution of Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and TUBITAK MAM’s. Recycling of batteries collected by many municipalities, associations, private institutions and organizations throughout the country is carried out at Exitcom Recycling facilities.

Our facility is a first in Turkey, with 96% recover and 10 000 ton/year capacity, doing recycling of waste battery with R4 process by using 100% home production technologies in the way that does not cause environmental pollution and also obtains raw material to secondary industry. Exitcom recycling is the only be authorized foundation in Turkey by authorized institution “TAP” for waste battery collection.

How Exitcom Recycling Collects Batteries?

  • Exitcom recycling is the first foundation that be authorized for battery recycling by TAP (which is the only authorized organization in Turkey), all batteries collected by TAP are brought to our facility.
  • It is collected through the manufacturer and municipalities.
  • Waste battery is obtained from our global project partners and imported from abroad.
  • From all of electronic waste collection points in Turkey