Academic Projects

  • The first sectoral “Reverse Logistics” work in Turkey
  • Waste Management Study in cooperation with Istanbul Technical University
  • Works such as statistical e-waste in Turkey / REC collection and processing of batteries with numeric data in Turkey / Bogazici University – Department of Economics
  • Recycling of precious metals in Turkey- Bogazici University – Isparta University – Ataturk University
  • Copper Recycling from Electronic Wastes / Karadeniz Technical University – Isparta University

EU Projects

  • Recycling of precious metals from inside of electronic wastes / University of Hamburg, Boğaziçi University, Isparta University
  • Germany – IZOP / TR – Europe model sharing in electronic waste
  • Germany – IZOP / Collecting and recycling of batteries in Turkey
  • Germany – Recovery of precious metals in their own countries / Recovery of Rare Earth Elements
  • Germany – Recycling of Lamps – Reusing Fluorescent Glass in Industry

R & D Projects

  • The first electronic waste treatment facilities Project – Isparta University
  • The first BATTERY FACILITY established with TUBITAK, Mam and the Ministry of the Environment
  • The First Toner Processing Facilities Project – Brand
  • The First Fluorescent Processing Facilities Project – TÜBİTAK
  • The project for Recycling of CRT Glass – Gebze Institute of Advanced Technology
  • Recycling of lamp glasses – 2. The project of their usage in the Industry – Kocaeli University + ISFALT
  • The project of RECYCLING OF PLASTIC removed from electronic waste in Turkey – with Kocaeli University
  • General Crusher Project – KOSGEB
  • The project of awareness in E-waste – KOSGEB
  • CHEMICAL PROCESS for recycling precious metal recovery
  • Recycling of REFRIGERATORS
  • Recycling of MAIN CARDS