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The aim of the project of ‘‘LET IT TURN INTO WISH”, which we have started with a I have a Wish Association, is both to create awareness against e-waste and to fulfill the wishes of children with leukemia. In short, with the perception that will occur while contributing to the environment, it will be enabled that faces of children who are in need will smile. It is aimed to build a guest house for families of children with leukemia provided that the targeted amount of waste can be collected.

The project proceeds as follows; Primarily old / damaged / broken mobile phones, laptops and tablets as well as all other electronic wastes are sent to Exitcom Recycling facilities, and then recycling operations are carried out and all of income of the secondary raw material to be obtained is, through the association, donated to children with leukemia. We are able to send banners and posters, indicating that they support our project, to corporates and organizations supporting the project.

PS: Through the support of Yurtiçi Kargo company, a cheaper and faster delivery can be provided. The shipping cost belongs to the sender.

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