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Colorful Campus Program is a leadership program designed to empower knowledge of disabled and unimpeded students who are educated in universities in Istanbul by means of modules arranged on various subjects for the appropriate employment, and to enable them to take roles as leaders having high social responsibility awareness in society and in business life, and to increase qualified internship and employment opportunities.

And we, with the importance we attach to awareness and education, and by participating in the project at the 5th Period of Color Campus, aim to have environmental leaders at each university with the participants of the Changing Steps Committee. The aim of the project, we have carried out, is to create environmental leaders who will gain environmental awareness in universities. In this process, we will provide disabilities and unhindered student participants with trainings about recycling and thus employment can be provided with the certificates they can use in their business lives. In addition to the 5th term modules during which Exitcom Academy is founded, we continue our works with Color Campus in the 6th term as well.

Thanks to this project, an awareness will be created about electronic waste and e-waste will be brought to universities with a sustainable collection system as an alternative solution to the problem of reaching the end user, which is the most important problem of this subject.

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